12 Effective Types of Consumer Buying Behavior

As online shopping continues to grow multi-folds month by month and year by year, analysis of data available reveals that there are 12 most prominent types of consumer buying behavior.

The web has assumed a critical part of our everyday life. People can, through the web, talk to someone who is on the opposite side of the Earth, can send emails non-stop, can look through data, can play a game with others, and even can purchase things on the web as a matter of habitual buying behavior.

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Online shopping has been primarily acknowledged as a method of buying items. It has become more mainstream lately and a habitual buying behavior of a large number of buyers. A few buyers, however, feel uncomfortable about complex buying behavior on the web. Because of technological advancements, online shopping has become a regular feature having different types of consumer buying behavior. People these days favor simple approaches to arrive at brands and stores.

It tends to be said that – The Web has changed the client’s ideas of comfort, speed, value, item data, and even administration on a fundamental level and thus shaped their complex buying behavior. Therefore, it has given advertisers an entirely different approach to make an incentive for clients and construct associations with them depending upon types of consumer buying behavior.

Online businesses offer customers more options, more information, and more methods to make a purchase. Online businesses will, therefore, stay as a medium to sell items, administrations, and other products over the web. Thus people can buy or sell anything, anywhere, at any place through internet shopping.

1. Smartphones and Internet Shopping 

Cell phone shopping has become a habitual buying behavior of a large number of buyers these days. Individual’s fixation on PDAs has been expanding quickly. With an expansion in portability, particularly cell phone penetration and a complimentary ascent in the versatile web infiltration, internet shopping has become simpler. Cell phones have become as essential as TVs.

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The incredible reach of mobiles across the globe has expanded because of an increase in advanced portability and availability. The market size of mobiles has grown exponentially, internationally. Cell phone administrations have perceived the world over as a significant apparatus for financial advancement of a country. Big markets like India which is also a country of various societies, it gets obligatory for versatile organizations to have a profound comprehension of purchasing conduct of buyer and purchasing behaviours by Indian customers using cell phones and is one of the very essential types of consumer buying behavior.

With the emergence of globalization and the nation’s continuation changes, numerous portable organizations have begun making a raid into the Indian versatile market because of its sky-scratching potential. Because of massive development in the movable area, versatile infiltration in the universal market has eclipsed all different methods for correspondence. 

2. Individual Attributes 

Attributes of an individual is a significant factor influencing the buy choice cycle. Men were conventionally more acquainted with applying innovation, and their advantage was more significant than women.

In this day and age, this gap began to diminish. It has been discovered that an increasing number of women are now utilizing the web. It has also been observed that men are professed to be more business-like while women are more on edge to adapt when they face new things. This has developed a new segment factor; for example, gender is a vital attribute considered when individuals are asked to explore new things.

Also, the buyer budget is an essential factor while choosing products online. Online shopping platforms have campaigns designed suited explicitly to specific budget buyer ranges.

online shopping 1024x683 - 12 Effective Types of Consumer Buying Behavior

It has been discovered that online customers are not more informed. Web-based shopping has mostly been considered as a simple action. This way, instruction-level has not had a significant impact on it. 

Individual attributes thus have a large influence on types of consumer buying behavior. And coming together they comprise the complex buying behavior of an individual.

3. Mental Attributes 

Buyers while shopping ask themselves, should they look a premium cost or should they shop online all the more frequently and these sort of inquiries as a habitual buying behavior. Discernment is one of the significant factors and causes customers to look at the security of the site or the nature of the item.

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For this reason, the merchant associations must be influential regarding giving client’s certainty. Another psychological perspective is character. The character factor may drive buyers to solicit themselves what sorts from sites are most appropriate for their inclinations. Individual inclinations oversee customers to choose from. Which is a habitual buying behavior of a most of the online shoppers.

Another one is demeanour, and perspectives can change effectively; subsequently, advertisers are keener on these highlights. Customers attempt to discover what they like or not concerning a specific circumstance causing the complex buying behavior. The last factor is feeling; they may think about their previous insight. Decisions influence purchasers, and feelings adjust to their preferred experience. 

Mental or psychological attributes thus form a very important perspective for types of consumer buying behavior.

4. Social Attributes 

Social impact originates from the reference gatherings. For online purchasers, reference bunches are distinguished as virtual networks, comprising of conversation bunches on a site. Others’ encounters, sentiments have appeared in this medium and influence shoppers. This, in today’s era has the largest impact on types of consumer buying behavior.

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Another is the presence of people on the website and the reviews identified with the item or the product, which settle on people guarantee about the choice. There are various ways that reference bunches impact a person’s disposition; they may uncover another conduct or way of life or may make a strain to acknowledge the mentality and his complex buying behavior. 

5. Cultural Attributes

Cultural attributes form a very significant aspect to gauge types of consumer buying behavior.

Distinctive social classes follow various practices. Shoppers from lower social classes would not have similar choices; for example, a higher expectation to purchase or higher likelihood like higher social classes. Moreover, culture set qualities and convictions in the early ages; subsequently, an individual’s needs and needs are driven by this set highlight as a habitual buying behavior.

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Nearly all that we do; how we give and get data, decide, lead and oversee, working groups, use time is impacted by culture.

6. Client Loyalty

In the 21st century, innovative advances are prompting enormous changes in advertising. The web, which turns into a piece of day by day lives, likewise turns into a part of ordinary shopping.

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To hold clients, who are only a couple of keystrokes away from any sites with no imperative, has gotten troublesome. If there arose an occurrence of any disappointment, these clients would favor a high number of contenders, and the exchanging cost is almost nil, in this way in the online environment, e-stores are to make it significantly more critical to guarantee client dependability.

Results of innovation and informatics begin to change the client’s shopping conduct, as it changes numerous propensities for them. In internet shopping, clients have a few desires from organizations before shopping, as in conventional shopping and this is what differentiates between types of consumer buying behavior. 

7. Trust 

Buyers trust a supplier or provider results with getting focused on the organization. The trust issue is surpassed with a couple of fruitful exchanges after people start to have a sense of security and accept that this provider answers their requirements and needs.

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Data issue is not just significant regarding accessibility; it is equally substantial in comfort and personalization idea—web composition, admittance to data, access time to information likewise impacts on practices of buyers. Without the web-based buying channel, every one of those activities would be all the more exorbitant on the physical exertion and time viewpoint.

Also, it would not be workable for the client to arrive at imperative data about the item and to contrast it and the majority of the contenders. As being invaluable for firms and clients, online deal innovation is acknowledged by the organizations while not acknowledged adequately by the clients. Now, the client’s purchasing conduct over the web ought to be dissected to understand types of consumer buying behavior. 

8. Younger Buyers  and complex buying behavior

The younger ages, recent college grads and Gen Z, were raised in the advanced age. Gen Z specifically can’t recall a period before the web and innovation. They don’t have the foggiest idea about any not the same as shopping and perusing on the web. They are ages that like to do an online examination before making a buy, so regardless of whether they are purchasing in-store, they have presumably done a perusing on the web first. With application of all possible digital tools at their disposal the complex buying behavior of younger buyers more often leads to very accurate purchases as per their requirement.

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9. Boring Stores

Another explanation that purchasers are picking to purchase online as opposed to going in-store is because they have become used to energizing and intriguing encounters. The blast in high road retail before the downturn carried with it a ton of similar design and feel to stores. Retailers that can make a positive purchasing experience will harvest the consequences of more traffic going to their stores with the complex buying behavior of vistors.

10. Credit Cards and habitual buying behavior

Customers have consistently been enthusiastic clients of Debit and Credit cards as a habitual buying behavior. This development has even been moved onto cell phones as contactless instalment. Low Credit card charges and high credit card users have moved shoppers toward online retailers. Not many shoppers continually convey money any longer so physical stores that don’t allow purchases using cards will be obsolete. 

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11. Return Policy

With complex buying behaviors of online consumers today, simple returns are an essential factor in a web-based shopping business. Various clients lean towards purchasing stuff web-based, thinking about simple returns. A definitive “escape the buy card” is the method of a merchandise exchange. The merchandise exchange is the most significant thing that enables clients to restore an undesirable something or buy that doesn’t match their desires or needs.

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Amazon, for example, has figured out how to evaluate its deals by running a fabulous merchandise exchange. It asks the customers no questions, allows 30 good days to decide about returns.

Without an appropriate merchandise exchange, a client’s shopping conduct is seriously hindered because they are compelled to place an excessive amount of confidence into the online business as a habitual buying behavior, which is challenging to accomplish. There isn’t anything more awful for the shopper than getting an item and feeling like their cash was squandered because the item doesn’t match desires.

12. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is a truly significant factor influencing your client’s purchasing choices. Given the way that client surveys are certifiable, new clients are a lot liable to think about this shared criticism.

reviews - 12 Effective Types of Consumer Buying Behavior

Online platforms must ensure they win most extreme great surveys amid a couple of helpless ones. Since they know a lot about what makes a difference to the clients while making a buy, its time they glance back at the seller’s cycles and interface and boost their deals. A large number of buyers today base their decision of reviews available for the product as a habitual buying behavior.

Other recent trends in online shopping elaborated here.


For factors that influence purchasers while shopping on the web, and that influence fulfilment, they think about that accommodation and trust are the most significant factors, the following which is meaningful to them are costs and nature of items.

Those variables are the essential ones for consumers when they decide to shop online. Also, according to results, if there is a good consumer’s previous experience, if a consumer is satisfied with products and services, and if there is a risk at the minimum level then he will buy more in the future, which means he will be loyal. Online shopping is getting popularity in the young generation, such as students and professionals.

Students usually prefer to buy goods from their source, and they mostly choose online shopping. At the point when a buyer decides to buy online, the individual in question is influenced by arranged elements. The principle affecting variables have been recognized as value, certainty, security, comfort, time, after deal administration and limited arrangements. The value factor exists because the costs are regularly lower through internet shopping as contrasted and physical buys in the market. Purchase online can be of extraordinary advantage to the purchaser regarding comfort, setting aside time and cash as a habitual buying behavior.

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